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IOT Network. Smart Cities.
gridComm makes Smart Cities Smarter with networked street lights and connected IOT sensors

Complete smart street light solution with the world's most reliable power line communications: Street Light Management System, Smart Meter modules and controllers, Din Rail Modems.

About gridComm

gridComm provides a complete smart light solution that creates a network over a city's power lines. We then use that to connect thousands of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic. This includes communications devices, concentrators and street light control software that saves cities millions of dollars in electricity and maintenance costs.

Our Products

Simply open the street light door. Install a gridComm controller. Do this 100,000 times in a city and you have a smart city with connected street lights. Each contains our module with a gridcomm chip that communicates data across the city's power lines. We then connect thousands of sensors to measure weather, pollution, traffic with the measurements over our street light control network.


Competing solutions don't work on noisy power lines found throughout Asia. These solutions use a single, fixed channel for communications that fails when electrical noise interferes with this single channel. gridComm uses 18 redundant channels. Even if there is noise on some channels, redundancy with the other channels enables error free data transmission. We work where our competitors cant.